Lesson plans about the plant benefits for Canadians can easily be complemented by the Plants Love You™ library of case studies and credible research data. It is organized so you can find what you are looking for easily and quickly.

Articles are grouped by four Plant Benefit categories:

    •    Beauty
    •    Environment
    •    Health and Quality of Life
    •    Economic

Each category is organized by specific Plant Types:

    •    Outdoor Flowers
    •    Vegetables and Herbs
    •    Indoor Plants
    •    Cut Flowers  
    •    Trees
    •    Garden and Green Spaces
    •    Lawns

Every article links you with the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association that will help you find your local horticulture professional – grower, retailer, or service provider – to answer questions about plants and how to plant, care for and enjoy them.

Teachers, ask your local horticulture professional about their availability for school tours, seminars or presentations.