Plant Lovers

This Plants Love You™ website is dedicated to every Canadian who should understand more about why plants are vitally important in our lives.

It is not a site for gardening tips and techniques, but if you already are a Plant-Lover, someone who loves to have their hands in the ground, or loves the smile on someone’s face when you give a floral gift, you’ll already understand some of why plants are important.  

If you are curious about plants, or new to them altogether, this site will give you a good idea of what they do for us as individuals, what they can do for our families and homes, how they impact our communities and our country.

You will find out about how plants provide health and quality of life, environmental, and economic benefits, as well as learn more about how their beauty affects us.    

Explore the Plants Love You™ website. Every article links you with the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association that will help you find the right horticulture professional – grower, retailer, or service provider – to answer questions about plants, how to plant, care for and enjoy them, where to buy them, or who can help you install and maintain them.

    •    Beauty
    •    Environment
    •    Health and Quality of Life
    •    Economic

In the end, you may not become a Plant-Lover, but we hope you will have a greater appreciation for the fact that Plants Love You™.