Plants Love You™ by Turning Your Lawn and Garden into a Gym

How working and playing on your lawn is good for you.

While we know that our lawns have the benefits of making oxygen and also help to cool us down on sunny days, we don’t talk much about the ‘fitness’ side of the lawn. 


We take care of our yards for all different reasons. Some of us like to focus on the design and beautification side of gardening, making the outside of our homes as well decorated as the inside. Some of us like to use gardening as a way to improve the property values of our homes. 


But did you know that taking care of the lawn and garden can also impact your fitness levels? Tasks like pushing your lawn mower and pulling weeds from flowerbeds all add up in the daily calorie burn! Thirty minutes of gardening burns about 125-200 calories, just a few less than a brisk walk. 


Another factor with your lawn is that playing on a well-cared for lawn can reduce injuries. Just as with our sports teams when they play on real turf grass versus the harder surfaces of artificial turf, research has showed that well maintained sports field turf can reduce the number of injuries incurred by players. 


Looking to get and stay fit? Look to your lawn for healthy solutions! 


Plants Love You™ by turning your lawn and garden into a gym



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