Plants Love You by helping your memory

Walking among trees and your memory


A walk in the park makes us feel better and helps reduce our stress. The combination of fresh air and being surrounded by tall trees, beautiful shrubs and deep green turf grass will calm down much of the busy lives we all are leading. Now we see that a walk in the park can help our memory skills.


Comparing a walk in an arboretum to a similar walk in an urban setting, researchers found that people, after walking in nature and around trees, improved their attention spans and memory performance by 20 percent. The University of Michigan psychology study looked at participants who went on walking routes either on an urban route or through a route at the Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichols Arboretum in Ann Arbor, Michigan. 


Fascinating is the finding that the study found short-term memory improvements after a walk in nature but not after a walk in urban streets. The research team was able to see similar results in all types of weather  - that even in the cold of winter, a walk among trees makes a positive impact.


Feeling the stress of an overactive life? Go for a walk in a park, botanical garden or arboretum and cherish the memories.


Plants Love You™ by helping our memories.


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