Growing Your Own Fruit and Vegetable Garden Reaps Multiple Benefits 

It doesn’t get any fresher than picking sun-ripened fruits and vegetables from your own garden and eating them moments later. On taste alone, the argument is made that there’s nothing better than growing your own.

By selecting the right varieties, and choosing whether you want to feed and protect your garden with organic or synthetic enhancements you can be sure of the quality of what you and your family eat. Sharing excess crops with friends, neighbours and food banks is an excellent community building exercise.

A vegetable garden is work, but lugging around bags of garden soil, buckets of water, and maintaining your garden by hoeing and weeding provides you with healthy regular exercise, stress relief and is highly rewarding when you savour the fruits of your labour. Eating 400g of fruits and vegetables per day protects against cardiovascular disease and obesity.

People who grow their own garden reduce their carbon footprint and protect the environment by reducing the transportation needed to move commercial crops to market.

Plants Love You™ and show their love with good taste.

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