Gardening: The Natural Stress Reliever

Gardening is an effective way to reduce stress levels by providing people with a natural and enjoyable way to channel everyday frustrations into a positive activity which gives them pleasure. The act of nurturing and helping a living thing grow is an important part of the process, as is the feeling of accomplishment in creating a beautiful result. Whether it is growing a balcony vegetable garden, a flower garden, maintaining a lawn, caring for potted plants, or looking after the landscape around the house, the effect is similar. Studies have shown that people who nurture plants have less mental distress than others.

Gardening is good exercise providing frequent and regular opportunity to stretch and give the body a moderate cardio-vascular workout. Fresh air and pleasant surroundings are also conducive to relaxation and reducing stress.

Plants Love You™ and show it by transforming everyday stress and helping you cope.

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