Attract Customers to Your Business

In today’s competitive climate facing “bricks and mortar” retailers, both from other local shops and from on-line stores, businesses need effective strategies to attract shoppers to their location.

The simple addition of flowers and landscaping to a storefront can have a dramatic affect on how customers perceive the business. An attractive, aesthetically pleasing plant display, whether hanging baskets or containers of flowers, or more formal landscape plantings, serve to create impact and differentiate one store from another. Well designed and maintained, it welcomes shoppers inside and reflects positively on the perception of the quality of goods or services sold. Customers are willing to pay higher prices, travel further, and shop longer in a store they perceive to be a quality establishment.   

Inside, the presence of ornamental plants add to a positive shopper experience by creating a reduced stress environment, a leading factor in increasing the amount of time a customer spends inside the shop.

Make plants an integral part of your store’s marketing strategy.

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