Flowers Make People Happy

There are virtually unlimited palettes of colours and colour combinations in the kinds of cut flowers available in Canada. Bloom shapes and forms range from simple to complex, symmetrical to radial. An individual bloom viewed up close provides as pleasing a visual experience as when it’s an element of a beautiful arrangement, or as part of a room’s décor. Fragrances flow from gentle scents to bold and evocative aromas.


The ways the eye and nose can be delighted with flowers are almost as unlimited as there are personal preferences. Flowers are naturally beautiful and, for most people, their presence improves the aesthetics and enjoyment of a space.


Behavioural researchers explored the link between flowers and emotion and concluded that flowers are a natural and healthy moderator of moods, having an immediate impact on happiness. Study participants of all ages smiled with delight and expressed gratitude upon receiving flowers.


Flowers have a long-term positive effect on moods by lowering levels of stress and anxiety. People who kept flowers in their homes felt more relaxed, happier, and expressed more satisfaction with life. The presence of flowers also led to increased contact with family and friends.


Whose mood can you improve today?

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