Embellish your House and Office with Indoor Plants

For several years now, Canadians have invested a lot of time and money into embellishing their living area and workspace.  Interior design has never been so popular.  If each decade brings forward new fashions, a beautiful décor can always count on one fundamental factor: indoor plants.

In fact, a number of studies have shown the many advantages of growing green plants indoors. Just as natural wood has a warming effect on houses, green plants make houses more inviting and comfortable. They also give the impression that residents are relaxed, patient, balanced and care about their guests.

These positive effects are also reflected in the business world. Green plants in an entrance hall suggest that a business has strong leaders who are concerned about their employees’ well being. A business that is ready to invest money in embellishing its environment inspires confidence. Within a company, right after the coveted office with a window, the office with green plants is the most in demand. As a result of a simple bit of greenery, the entire business image gets a lift.

All this is above and beyond the other green plant advantages on employee efficiency, on people’s happy moods and on the environment (air purification, cooling, etc.). In short, there is every reason to incorporate a potted plant here and there, in the home as well as at the office.


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