Plant Benefits

The Plants Love You™ website is a library of case studies and research data organized so you can find information about plant benefits easily and quickly.

Articles are grouped by four Plant Benefit categories:

    •    Beauty
    •    Environment
    •    Health and Quality of Life
    •    Economic

Each category is organized by specific Plant Types:

    •    Outdoor Flowers
    •    Vegetables and Herbs
    •    Indoor Plants
    •    Cut Flowers  
    •    Trees
    •    Garden and Green Spaces
    •    Lawns

Explore the Plants Love You™ website. Every article links you with the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association that will help you find the right horticulture professional – grower, retailer, or service provider – to answer questions about plants, how to plant, care for and enjoy them, where to buy them, or who can help you install and maintain them.