Ornamental Horticulture

The Canadian Ornamental Horticulture Alliance (COHA) is the unified voice that represents and promotes the sustainable priorities of Canadian Ornamental Horticulture. Plants and flowers are the largest and most significant sector of horticulture in Canada. COHA is a strategic alliance of three broad based organizations: the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association, la Fédération Interdisciplinaire de l'Horticulture Ornementale du Québec and Flowers Canada Growers forming the national voice for the sector.

COHA recognizes that one of the challenges independent horticulture industry business owners – growers, retailers and service providers – have is to provide credible, effective and timely content for their websites and social media sites. The Plants Love You™ library of case studies and scientific research data which is organized to easily find up to date lists of interesting articles about the benefits of ornamental horticulture.

Articles are grouped by four Plant Benefit categories:

    •    Beauty
    •    Environment
    •    Health and Quality of Life
    •    Economic

Each category is organized by specific Plant Types:

    •    Outdoor Flowers
    •    Vegetables and Herbs
    •    Indoor Plants
    •    Cut Flowers  
    •    Trees
    •    Garden and Green Spaces
    •    Lawns