Plants Love You™ and your business, too.

What do plants have to do with your business? If you are looking for a fresh competitive edge, they can make a significant impact to your bottom line.

According to research, plants in a business district, or indoor or outdoor mall, can impact a shopper’s decision to enter a store or restaurant. Similarly, commercial properties can attract more clients, generating increased revenues.

Increased property values and building occupancy rates have been shown to increase more than properties without plants.

Reduced heating and cooling energy costs are attributed to the use of plants around and on commercial properties.

Indoor plants reduce employee health related absenteeism.

For more information about the benefits of using plants as part of your company’s competitive strategy, please follow the links to the appropriate commercial articles. Every article links you with the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association that will help you find the right horticulture professional – grower, retailer, or service provider – to answer questions about plants, how to plant, care for and enjoy them, where to buy them, or who can help you install and maintain them.

    •    Beauty
    •    Environment
    •    Health and Quality of Life
    •    Economic

Each category is organized by specific Plant Types:

    •    Outdoor Flowers
    •    Vegetables and Herbs
    •    Indoor Plants
    •    Cut Flowers  
    •    Trees
    •    Garden and Green Spaces
    •    Lawns